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Being Strong

I just wanted to give a quick update about my last post.

If you remember, I flagged the hateful message I received and filed a complaint with Goodreads "Headquarters."

I received the following message from Goodreads on Thursday night:

Hi Matt,
I just encountered the message you flagged in our flagged items queue. I'm truly sorry to hear about that. We strive to maintain an open and welcoming community here, so that type of conduct is not tolerated. We have revoked the member's librarian status and sent him a warning about his behavior on the site.
It's also worth noting that Goodreads librarians are volunteers (not employees), and their opinions are in no way representative of the opinions of the company.
If you receive any further mail like this, please feel free to flag the content or to email me directly here. I do hope this one upsetting incident doesn't prevent you from enjoying the site in the future.
I'm okay with their response. I'm trying very hard to make this whole experience one I can use to grow stronger and survive in a world with people like this.

It would be very easy for me hide and become a fearful person.

It would be very easy for me to be jaded and become a bitter person.

It would be very easy for me to be resentful and become an angry person.


I want to live my life with openness.

I want to live my life with compassion.

I want to live my life as a person who strives to "do unto others what I would have them do unto me."

There is too much hate in the world and I don't want to contribute to adding any more. Does that mean I'm a pushover? Not even by a long shot. You mess with me and the people I love and care for, I'm gonna stand firm and not budge one inch. I will not hesitate to show you what "fierce" is all about. Don't tempt me.

If you have hate you want to dump on me, you should look inside yourself and wonder why you hate yourself and others.

I only have time to try and become a better person and hopefully offer something to make this a better world -- for ALL.

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