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Growing Strong

Some people already know this about me.

I like to collect different short "sayings" or "quotes" that help remind me of lessons I've learned about life, or lessons I still need to learn.

When Matty got that hate mail recently, we both tried to remember that the person sending it knows nothing about who we really are as people. He thinks he knows who we are, but it's really just something he made up in his mind.

When Matty received the hate mail, this person wasn't able to see that at the time, Matty didn't tell me anything about getting his message of hate. I had been having a really difficult day remembering some of the bad things that happened when I was growing up. Most of those memories were about people who hated themselves and then dumped their hate on me.

This person wasn't able to see the beauty of the man I love holding me while I was crying. He wasn't able to see that Matty made a decision to protect me from his hate while I was feeling vulnerable. There's some real beauty in that. 

And this person hasn't been able to see how sending us his hate has in some unintended way made us stronger.  

I'm still thrown when I realize how some people have lots of ugly things in their head that keep them from seeing the beauty in the world and other people. I'm actually beginning to believe Matty when he tells me there's some real beauty inside me. He tells me he sees it. Right now I can only see little bits of it.

But one thing is certain: I'm getting there. I am growing stronger.

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