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What's Your Guess?

After writing some rather heavy posts lately, we wanted to do something on a much lighter note today.

We thought we might make this an occasional feature of the blog where we come up with a list of things (sometimes making them easy, other times a little harder) and see if people can guess which item is about Brad and which is about Matt. The one today is in the "easy" category.

Some of the items today are things we posted about in the past, so you might remember us mentioning them. For the things we haven't written about, you might be able to make a guess based on some ideas you have about each of our personalities.

For each item below, see if you can guess which one of us it refers to.

1. To help melt away my stress at the end of the day, there's nothing better than a bubble bath and lighted candles (and a certain 'bath-mate' joining me before I get out).

2. When it comes to cats and dogs, I'm definitely a dog person.

3. Cats seem to fit my personality better than dogs.

4. If I want to spend a little time by myself outside, I'd rather go for a "run" vs a "walk."

5. I'm so use to wearing my Red Sox baseball hat all the time, I've actually forgotten to take it off a few times when I stepped in the shower!

6. Most of the time, I like to stay "on top" of things sexually.

7. Most of the time, I like the "bottom line" sexually. ;-)

8. In the evenings, I love putting on my jammies. The most comfortable one has a Spider Man theme.

9. When it's Movie Time, I prefer an action film.

10. When it's Movie Time, give me a comedy or romance any day.

Hope you enjoyed this. Stay tuned for the correct answers!
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