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Enjoy the victory but we need to keep working!

I have a confession to make.

Please don't hate me for it.

I slept through the election results last night.

I tried to stay up with Matty, but I kept falling asleep. Maybe I was ready for this thing to just be over. Maybe I was feeling really stressed about the outcome. I just couldn't take the possibility we'd be left with a cliffhanger that would last for days and weeks.

When did I find out the results? It was close to midnight (Eastern time zone) when Matty climbed in bed and was bouncing around, hugging me, and all I could hear as he nuzzled up to me was, "You asleep? Hmm? You awake? Sweetie? I love you. Are you awake?"

I knew this was more than just a booty call.

I turned over and didn't even have to ask who won the election.

Matty reached over and turned on the bedside lamp. Then he ran down all the results we were interested in, from President, to U.S. Senate, to local Congressman, to the ballot questions.

We both just hugged each other for the longest time. Then we had a booty call celebration!

This morning I went back and looked at the the two paragraphs I contributed to our joint post from yesterday:

As valuable and important as voting is, walking in your polling center, making some marks on the ballot, and walking out is just the beginning. It's also important to take all the steps after that.
Do you stay aware of what elected officials are doing after they get in office? Do you express your opinion about important issues they are debating? Do you talk to other people about issues that matter to you? 
So as we are celebrating many victories, it's important to see this as just the beginning. Our work is not done until ALL people are treated equally under the law.

Let's enjoy the many positive results (and all the booty calls that go with them!), then let's get back to work. We're not done yet!

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