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And now for the answers...

Here are the correct answers to our last post:

1. Very few people know I secretly like country and western music.

This one is Matt.

I just happened to be scanning the radio once and came across a country station and the song was just so upbeat. And this was one of those "cry in my beer" songs where the guy's girlfriend just dumped him because all he was doing was "havin' me some lovin' from the girl next door" and she found out about it and "shoved him out the door."

Then he got in his pickup truck and headed to the local "waterin' hole" and got plastered on rotgut whiskey just to show her what she was "missin' by not gettin' me" or something like that!

The lyrics are often kinda silly, but there's some good ones out there like the classic Patsy Cline and Hank Williams, Sr.

For the record, C & W is not my favorite music, but if I'm in the right mood, it can be a lot of fun. And Harvard University (which is in our area) actually has a radio station that plays C & W on Saturday mornings called Hillbilly at Harvard.

2. When I was a freshman in high school, I seriously thought about studying dance professionally. I wanted to be one of those backup dancers you see for singers like Jennifer Lopez and Christina Aguilar.

This is Matt again!

Even now I love watching the male backup dancers for somebody like Jennifer Lopez. There's just something incredibly sexy about seeing all those guys moving around the stage showing us through their movements what the music and lyrics look like when it rushes through their bodies. Plus, I think the "hyperness" that comes with my ADHD is given a positive spin when I see all that energy turned into something really creative and beautiful.

3. I kissed a girl one time and actually found myself getting into it! (Clarification: This was before the two of us ever met, and it was more than just a little "friendship peck"! Oh, and she initiated it. -- I don't know why I felt the need to go into all that clarification! LOL!)

Well, the technically correct answer to this is Brad. We've both kissed one girl before (Matty wrote about his one time here), but in Matty's case he initiated the kiss (grrrrr!), and in my case, the girl initiated it. The parenthetical explanation I gave above is what makes this item mine.

What happened is when I was in high school, I gave this girl a ride home. She already knew I was gay... very gay... and she kept flirting with me. When we got to her house, she leaned over and planted a HUGE kiss on me and started tonguing me!! I swear I tried to make her stop, but.... well, that tongue was a "tongue on a mission." I had no control over it.

I went with it for about 15 seconds and then pushed her off and said, "You know I'm gay, right?" She just said, "Well, you can't blame a girl for trying." I'm trying to stay polite but I was thinking, "Yes. I can, in fact, blame you!" I didn't say that because, well, I did go with it for 15 seconds.

That was my first and only time with Girl Cooties (no disrespect to girls, just the cooties that go with some of them).

4. I'm saving up some money to buy a motorcycle.

Believe it or not, this is Brad.

There was this guy in high school who got one and he took me for a ride once, and Holy Vibrations! The feeling I got between my legs on that thing! Well, the Power, the Rumble, the Vibration... you get the picture. Right then I knew I had to have one of these things some day!

I suppose riding a motorcycle might not fit my "image" since I don't look like a Harley-type. But this is not about "image." It's just about something I want. 

Matty was a little shocked the first time I told him I might want one. He thought I was just kidding. When he realized I was serious he told me I had to get one with a seat belt and had to wear full-body armor! Oh, and get this, I couldn't go faster than 10 miles an hour!

Then I got "A Talk" about how to be careful, and did I know how many accidents people had, and riding on slippery roads when it snowed or rained...

Sweet thing. I know he was being protective, but I really just want something sleek, trim, and maybe a little pink. I'm back to the "image" thing again, I know.

5. I have a frequently recurring dream about being naked out in public, and sometimes this includes having sex with my sweetie in front of everybody.

This is Brad again. For the record, please note this is just a dream I have occasionally. We've had sex outdoors before but as far as I know there were no witnesses... except maybe for some birds, squirrels, and other random wildlife.

Oh, and this is a dream I have yet to reveal to my therapist. He might get a kick out of it because I've told him some humorous things before and he always tries to hid the beginnings of a grin before he clears his throat and says something like, "Well, Bradley. What do you make of that?" LOL!

6. I initially wanted to have a soul patch, but changed my mind and now have a chin patch.

This one is Matt. I grew a soul patch first and before it got thick I shaved it off. It just looked weired on my face. But I'm proud of the chin patch. It came in nice, I think.


Did any of the answers surprise you?

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