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Crossing the Prom Finish Line

The "MattMobile," also known as "Brad's Prom Chariot"

Tomorrow's the big day! I'll just keep this brief due to all the last minute planning we're doing.

I've arranged for a limo to pick up Brad and four other couples he's invited to ride in our official Prom Chariot.

So here's the itinerary for Saturday.
  1. I'll arrive at Brad's home at 4:30 PM to have a little pre-prom appetizer with his family.
  2. We'll arrive at my home at 6:00 PM for my family to add to the appetizers festivities.
  3. We'll make the rounds to pick up the four other couples in the limo.
  4. We'll make our Grand Entrance at the fancy hotel ballroom at 7:30 PM.
  5. Let the Prom begin at 8:00 PM.
  6. Let the introductions and mingling begin.
  7. Let the dinner begin.
  8. Let the dancing begin.
  9. Decide on any after-Prom festivities.... dancing on the town, etc.
  10. Drop off the other couples.
  11. Arrival at the hotel where Brad and I will spend the night.
  12. Getting ready for the night's dessert, which will include some, uh, leather restraints. More said on that later :)

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