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Naughty Boys & Sex After the Prom, part 1

Before we get too far along in this blog, I want to go back and finish something I started back on May 1, 2011. At that time I gave a little hint (or maybe a "big" hint) of what our night was like after the Prom.

As you might remember, I went through all kinds of agony and nervousness about whether I wanted to go to my high school Prom. No. That's not exactly right. I knew I wanted to go to the Prom -- the agony was about going with Matt as my date. Wait! That's still not right. I knew I was either going to the Prom with Matt or I wasn't going at all. I think the real agony of the whole thing was how I was going to deal with being so open and exposed in front of my whole Senior class. I mean, holding hands with my boyfriend ... dancing with my boyfriend ... being as affectionate with him as the other couples were going to be.

Matt, was so supportive of me while I was deciding what I wanted to do. I knew, however, this was a decision I wanted to make on my own. Matt had already made his decision. If I decided it felt like too much pressure to be that "out there," then he would plan a little private celebration for just the two of us or with our families. If I decided to go, he was totally cool with that.

I don't know if it came through when I was writing about it, but I went from one extreme emotion to the other. Matt knew I didn't want him to pressure or influence me in any way. All I asked of him was to help me think it all the way through -- all the pros ... all the cons. I felt like in the end I had to make this decision and I had to live with the end result. I might be made fun of ... somebody might decide to hurt me and Matt when nobody was looking. Who knew what would happen.

The main lesson I learned was that in order to grow up you had to take control of your life ... take risks ... and live with the consequences. I don't think I'm normally a control freak (wipe that smirk off your face, Matt!) but I decided this time I had to take complete control and that included taking control away from what other people would think. Taking control of my life like this was huge for me and, man, did it take a lot out of me. I was so exhausted and drained after I finally made my decision to go to the Prom with Matt.

I don't know where my energy came from that allowed me to function that night. It was only after getting back in the limo (the "Matt Mobile") after it was all over that I completely collapsed and cried my eyes out. I was so proud of myself. I was so proud of Matt. And I was so proud of us.

I think Matt was a little concerned about me on the way to the hotel where were spending the night. He knew what I had been through to make this decision -- to take control of my life -- to make the best decision. I swear I was like a wet noodle as he helped me inside the hotel. I sat down in the corner of the lobby while he checked us in. I only have a vague memory of riding the elevator to our room. I do remember falling face first on the bed when we got in the room. And I felt his strong masculine body gently cover me on top as he held me and rubbed my shoulders and ran his fingers through my hair, all while I softly sighed and had a few more tears.

He knew just when to turn me over though. While he was straddling on top of me, very slowly and seductively rubbing his crotch into mine, his face was about 6 inches from my face and he was looking directly into my eyes. He had this incredibly sexy smile on his face. He just said in this soft and low growly voice, "You are so beautiful." It was the first time in my life I couldn't give a response. I did manage to give him the beginnings of a smile. While I was doing that, he leaned all the way in and gave me the softest, gentlest and most loving kiss ever. Somehow at that moment I started feeling some energy return back into me. That energy already found it's way into my dick and then it spread throughout the rest of my body.

We laid like that, with him completely on top of me, feeling all the weight of his loving. He then leaned up on his elbows and told me how amazing he thought I was for taking control of my life. I still couldn't get words out of my mouth. I tried though. He put his index finger on my lips to keep me from speaking and had this sexy and evil grin on his face and in his eyes. What he said next was, "I think tonight it's my turn to take control and for you to just take in all the love I feel inside for you." I finally found my voice and with a smile on my face said, "What do you have in mind?" He asked me if I trusted him. I said, "Of course." He just said, "Okay. I have some surprises tonight. You can say stop at any time, or slow down or whatever. I'll respect whatever you say."

He said the first thing he wanted to do was for me to stay on the bed while he took charge. He then slowly started to take my clothes off. I was just to lay there and take in all the love he was giving me through his eyes as he scanned every part of my body, front and back. Then he wanted me to take in all the love he had by kissing every inch of my body. He seemed to be deliberately taking things at a super slow speed, which was a real challenge for him ... and for me it was sheer torture (in the best sense of that word!).

I wanted to return all this to him, but he gently stopped me and said there would be time later for that. For now, I was just to take in all his love for me.

What he did next was a total surprise. I took in a gasp of air and just melted into his complete control for the rest of the night. Little did he know I had a few surprises for him too!

Matt will pick up from here tomorrow to tell the rest of what happened. After all, this was his night of being in control. He's had to tone down his description from Tripple-X to just One-X. Stay tuned.
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