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Two Guys on a King-Size Bed!

We Moved!
Two Guys on a King-Size Bed.
Then Running Naked Thru the House.
Does it Get Any Better than This?

Well, we're in! So many fun (and stressful) things have happened since we last posted. The good news is that we're finally in our new house!

It's been the middle of last month that I posted anything, so I'm giving Brad a break today. So, I have to say a few things. I thought it would be more fun to start where we are right now and sorta tell what happened backwards. First things first, right? Or is it, last things first? Oh, who the hell cares!

So this is what I was like ALL night long Saturday and last night while we took a little break from breaking in our new King Size Bed! I could NOT shut my eyes no matter how hard I tried! Usually after 4 or 5 rounds of hot sex, I'm ready for a nap or sleep. Did that happen? No! I think I may have dozed a little bit but the hot guy in the bed who goes by the name of Wildcat Bradley was determined to see how many times we could enjoy each other's bodies from the time we hit the mattress until the time the sun came up. Not that I was objecting! It's just so totally different from having sex in our bedrooms at our parent's house. Well, duh. That was a complete understatement if ever there was one!

So, what were we doing in between those very rare intervals of dozing? Okay, you twisted our arms. Here's what we looked like when one of us would start to doze off. And it went like that back and forth, all night long! We were so cruel to each other, not letting the other one get a little shut-eye! It was funny how one of us would get tired and start drifting off and the other would be all ready for more play! Then it would go back and forth all night long. You would think we had never had sex before or were trying for some kind of world-record!

Now, don't think I'm complaining. I'm not. Not by a long shot, believe me. It's just another example of how different this whole experience is from living in our parent's house. Again, duh! We don't even have to shut and lock our bedroom door like at home. Oh wait, I don't think there's even a lock on our bedroom door here! Guess there's no reason for one, huh? Oh, God, this is so much fun!

So, we're also wondering (or, at least I am) how long these monster mattresses are suppose to last? The saleswoman said "years," but I honestly don't think they has us in mind when they were doing the calculations. I mean, there's no way we can keep buying a new king-size mattress every 4 to 6 months! Maybe we should go ahead and start saving for a spare one and just prop it up in the guest bedroom or something. Jeez, always something!

The other thing is that we don't even have to worry about keeping the noise down, like at home! All the moaning, groaning, growling, sighing, blasts of "Oh God! Oh God! Oh God!, and to vary that chant, we would try out, YES! YES! YES!, and then move on to, Oh, yeah! Do that some more! My God, yes!, Oh, yeah! Do that some more! My God, yes!, Oh, yeah! Do that some more! My God, yes! {clearing my throat and adjusting myself down there}.

And you know what? We can even walk around NAKED throughout the whole house! How cool is that? It's so freaking cool is the answer. So, let me say it again, We can even walk around NAKED throughout the whole house! We can even walk around NAKED throughout the whole house! We can even walk around NAKED throughout the whole house! We've been having a blast just staying completely naked all the time. It's kinda fun to see "Mr. Hard Cocks" bouncing all over the place. They like it here, too!

Then when we finally manage to get just a wee bit of sleep (not the restful kind, mind you), the sun is coming up and you know what happens then, right?

That's right! Sweet Morning Wood! I mean, how are we suppose to get the rest we need for school and all the other things we have to do? Sweet Morning Wood! Then it's all over again. Okay, so maybe I need to drop out of school for another semester. Right? No way I'm gonna keep my grades "up" when other things are always "up!" But, being the responsible adult I am (hey, just when does the "adult" thing kick in? Am I there yet or does that begin at 21? Jeez, I need to Google that when I get a chance), I have absolutely no intention of dropping out of school, just for the record! I never thought I would ever say, "Hey, we gotta slow this train down, Brad." But here I am saying it. We're not gonna STOP the train, just slow it down. OMG can we do that? Whew, I'm sweating already!

Okay, so I'm rambling again, but this time I AM NOT APOLOGIZING! Do you hear that? I AM NOT APOLOGIZING. I'm entitled to some rambling right now. There's so much to ramble about, and for once I'm not going to freaking apologize for it!

I feel like a little kid in so many ways, but again, that is NOT a put-down! I'm letting myself totally enjoy this. We've never had a whole house to ourselves before. And neither of us has ever had a hot guy in the bed EVERY freaking night! And we've NEVER been able to get out of bed completely naked with said Morning Wood and walk wherever we want without having to worry about putting on our boxers or sweats!

Oh damn, I got to get moving. Got to get to classes. Things to do. Things to accomplish. Things to learn. Okay, slow down. Let's see..... I've got to take a shower and get out of here. But, oh dear God, I know what will happen in the shower! Said Sweet Morning Wood changes over to Sweet Shower Wood! When, oh when, will said Wood of ANY variety ever give me peace?

Oh, wait, am I complaining? Not on your life. I am RAMBLING JOYFULLY! and loving every freaking minute of it! Okay, that's all I can handle for today. I'm heading for the shower so I can get to class.

And that hot guy who's going to be sleeping in the bed EVERY NIGHT next to me, or under me, or on top of me, or...... whatever? He gets to have some real sleep for a while longer. He's gonna need his sleep when I rush back from classes today. He's going to need every ounce of energy to keep up with me this afternoon, and this night, and tomorrow morning. And we know what happens every morning? Sweet Morning Wood.

Hey, when are we suppose to eat? Or unpack? Or sweep the porch? Or clean the toilet? Or vacuum? Or............. Well, that will come, won't it? But for right now, first things first!

Wait, the Wildcat just woke up. He's ordering me to the shower so I can get to school. He said when I get out of the shower and get dressed, he'll meet me at the front door to give me a little "good-bye blow job." He said that should hold me till I get home later today! Little does he know (or maybe he does) that Mr. Horny only takes short naps.

Well, I'm gonna have to do something to keep Mr. Horny asleep while I'm at school. I'll have to wake up Mr. Scholar and order him to be in charge till classes are over. But I know Mr. Horny is going to wake up and scream bloody murder. This is going to be a real test of my will power. Maybe I can bargain with Mr. Horny and remind him of all the treats he'll get when we get home. And I'll promise him he can stay awake as long as he likes -- just let Mr. Scholar be in charge for 7 hours, you can do that can't you, honey? Hmmm?

Okay, during the week we'll fill everybody in on all the other things that happened before all this, like what the move was like, the hot gay guys who helped us move, the scrumptious spaghetti dinner Brad made, etc., etc.

Okay, I'm headed for the shower, then getting dressed, then meeting Wildcat at the front door for my good-bye blow. Wish me luck today!
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