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It's Hard!

I'm posting this a little early today since I need a couple of gallons of coffee before I head off to work. Brad and I were up very, very late last night (well, actually, this morning) celebrating his news that he will be able to start his college career next month with the one course they offered him as a "provisional" student.

The title of my post today is a cute little follow-up to the title of Brad's post yesterday. Last night we were both so excited with the news that he'll be able to start his college career next month that we couldn't stop talking about our future together. It made us think about all the positive news we've gotten lately and how everything seems to be lining up for us better than we could have dreamed.

Sometime during our celebration last night, I said something like, "It's hard to believe this is all happening." Then we started speeding ahead to everything we wanted to do in our future. My mind started revving like it does and Brad got caught up in all the excitement, too.

Then, in a split second, something happened to my mind and I didn't want to talk anymore about the future. I mean there we were together, right then, right now and I started feeling this incredible love for him.

My hands went to his face and pulled his cheeks closer to my face. We just stared into each other's eyes for a while. My throat started doing this thing it does when I'm overcome with emotion and it won't let any words come out. He looked back at me and just said, "You're crying."

I hadn't even realized I was crying, but him saying that released everything I was feeling for him. We just leaned into each other, my hand caressing his hair and his hand gently making the rounds of my back. We both were crying at this point, just soft, gentle tears. Swaying back and forth. No need for words. Everything that love is was flowing from my body to his and from his body back to mine.

I swear it was like we were making love for the very first time. Everything we did seemed completely new, almost like we were inventing it.

I was finally able to get my throat and mouth to cooperate and before we released our bodies, I looked at him and said, "Whatever happens in our future will happen. But right now, this is the only real thing we have. Right here. Right now."

Sure, "it's hard" taking everything in... everything that's happening. But one sure thing that's not hard is being in love with the most beautiful man in the world. My man. Our love. Not hard at all.
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